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B.C. Black & Color Phase Bear Hunts


About Our Black Bear Hunts

We boast 100% opportunity on our bear hunts and we have the largest selection of color phase bears of any area! These hunts are fairly easy and can be enjoyed by hunters of all ages. We use spot and stalk, 4x4's, and hounds to hunt our bears. We have taken many paraplegic hunters on successful hunts over the years. We are a two bear area. We take groups and this hunt can be one on one or two on one.

Hunt Details:

      • 1 Bear - 6 Full Days Of Hunting
      • 2 Bears - 6 Full Days of Hunting
      • 1 Dedicated Guide Per Hunter
      • All Meals And Lodging
      • Meat And Hides To Be Sent To The Location Of Hunters Choice
      • Price:$5,000 for 1 on 1 ($7,000 1x1 two bear combination hunt)
      • Price:$4,000 for 2 on 1 ($6,000 2x1 two bear combination hunt)
      • License, Tags, Gratuity And Applicable Tax Not Included
      • Contact Us For More Information